DK Competition is one of the most successful Belgian race team, with excellent results at home and abroad.

The team boasts a wealth of experience, with numerous victories and titles in GT, Touring and Cup races. The Wommelgem outfit team never shuns a challenge and has a team of top mechanics and a driven management at its disposal.

Not only does DK Competition manage the racing cars in diverse championships, it also ensures the perfect maintenance of the various machines. On the motorsport front DK Competition holds all the trump cards: ranging from the technical input and support of the racing cars, through to race strategy, administrative follow-up and miscellaneous marketing and communication opportunities before, during and after the race weekends.

In addition, DK Competition also offers drivers the possibility to hone their experience during incentive and track days with a team’s car or their own. A race track baptism with sponsors on board is also a fixed ritual with DK Competition.

DK Competition

Nijverheidsstraat 70
2160 Wommelgem

BTW : BE 0881 154 631 – Tel. : +32(0)479/85 54 78

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